Holt International’s Korea Adoption Program

Dr. Andrew Collier, an orthopaedic surgeon in Philadelphia, PA, is the father of five children. Dr. Andrew Collier and his wife brought their oldest son home to Philadelphia, PA, from Korea with the help of Holt International, which they now actively support.

Holt International has been placing Korean children with loving families for 60 years. In 1955, Harry and Bertha Holt applied to the U.S. Congress for the right to adopt eight orphans from Korea. The process led them to create Korea’s first international adoption organization. In the years since, Holt International has helped numerous children to find loving permanent homes.

Children awaiting adoption most often live with caring foster families who help them develop physically, mentally, and socially. They receive high-quality medical care in Korea’s world-class system. They officially match with a family at approximately 6 to 12 months old and arrive home at approximately 2 years of age, following a thorough legal approval process for the adoptive family. Children then transition into the homes and hearts of parents who range in age up to 45 years, though families with certain Korean connections may be eligible up to age 49.